= Who do you love, Your DESIRES or The Creator? =

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= Who do you love, Your DESIRES or The Creator? =

Post by *LosT* on Sat Jul 10, 2010 10:18 am

Assalam o alaikum wa rahmatullahi wa barakatuhu

JazakALLAH KHAIR for reading !
ye aik bohat acha topic hai.
Aik pal k liey humein sochne pe majboor ker deta hai k kia hum kis cheez ko hcahte hain ? APne khuda ko ya phir un cheezon ko jinki humein khuwaish hai.per kia woh cheezein humare liey achi hain ? kon behtar jaanta hai hum aap ya phir WOH KHUDA jisne humein banaya.
WOHI jaanta hia sab .
We can fool ourselves, but we can never fool Allah {SWT}.

“And befool them gradually those whom you can among them with your voice (i.e. so...ngs, music), make assaults on them with your cavalry and infantry, share with them wealth and children, and make promises to them. But Satan promises them nothing but deceit.” {Quran 17:64}

“And of mankind is he who purchases idle talks (i.e. Music, singing etc.) to mislead men from the path of Allah without knowledge and takes it (the path of Allah, or the verses of the Qur’an) by way of mockery. For such there will be humiliating torment.” {Quran 31:6}

Prophet Muhammed (peace be upon him) said:
"From among my followers there will be some people who will consider illegal sexual intercourse, the wearing of silk (for men), the drinking of alcoholic drinks and the use of Musical Instruments as lawful." {Bukhari}

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Re: = Who do you love, Your DESIRES or The Creator? =

Post by Noor'e Sahar on Fri Jul 16, 2010 8:19 am

Wa Alaikum salam wa rehmatulahi wa barakatuhu

MashaAllah nice topic losty
waqay hi hum yeh sab sochney se kasir hain aghar itni aqal ajaye tu
ur kya chahiye
Allah SWT humein sirate mustaqeem per chlayein aur humein deen ki
samajh bhooj ata karein Ameen sum Ameen

Jazak Allah khaira'n Kaseera'n Kaseera !

Noor'e Sahar

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