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Post by Noor'e Sahar on Sun Jul 18, 2010 8:02 pm

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Fasting In Ramdhan Book 34642_417291214495_40569674495_4507314_5886361_a

Fasting in Ramadan [Free Download]

Today at

By Abdul Karim Awad.

Fasting In Ramdhan Book 34642_417291214495_40569674495_4507314_5886361_a

With the advent of another Ramadan, a mixture of feelings overwhelm the
hearts of Muslims all over the world. The hearts are full of hope, based
on truthful promises and glad tidings given by Allah and his Messenger,
of great bounties and endless bliss. The past sins would be forgiven
for those who fast, based on belief (Emaan) and truly expecting the
reward of Allah (Ihtisaab). The previous sins will be forgiven for those
who offer night prayers (Qiyaam) during this month, and who do this
with the 2 conditions of Emaan (belief) and Ihtisaab. There is a night
on this month which is better (in rewards) than a thousand months of
worship, and all sins will be forgiven for those who spend this night in
offering prayer with both Emaan (belief) and Ihtisaab. The devils will
be chained down, the gates of Hell will all be shut and the gates of
paradise will alll be open throughout this month. Allahj will free (from
punishment) some of his Ibaad (worshippers) on every night of this
month of Ramadan. Allah answers the du'aa (suplications) of the fasting
person at the Iftaar (fast- breaking). Allah multiplies the reward of
fasting beyond the limits of imagination. The fasting person will be
joyous and happy when he meets his Lord.

This book contents of:

<blockquote>1. Ramadan the fasting month
2. The evidence of Ramadan
3. Characteristics of fasting
4. The Obligation of fasting
<blockquote>4.1. Upon Whom is fasting obligatory
4.2. Upon whom is fasting inapplicable</blockquote>
5. The fundamental elements of fasting
6. The underlying principles of fasting: Why do we fast?
7. General recommendations of fasting
8. Excellence of fasting
9.Warning for those who leave fasting
10. Desirable Acst in Ramadan
11. Permissible acts while fasting
12. Those permitted to break the fast (but who must pay a "fidyah"
(ransom) for not (fasting)
13. Those permitted to break the fast (but who must make up the days for
not fasting)
14. Actions which nullify the fast with atonement (Qada)
15. Actions which nullify the fast wotj expiation
16. Educating Children in Ramadan
17. Zakatul-Fitr
18. Eid prayer and Eid celebration</blockquote>

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