Problems of the present Day Youth

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Problems of the present Day Youth

Post by Noor'e Sahar on Wed Jul 21, 2010 3:16 am

There are various reasons for youth's corruption and their problems.
Youths go through many rapid physical, mental and intellectual
developments. Hence there is a great need for providing them with the
means of self-control and curbing of their defiance as well as wise
leadership that can lead them to the straight path.
The corruption of youth can be attributed to many factors, prominent
among them are:
1. Joblessness:
Joblessness is a disease that kills mental, intellectual and physical
capabilities. As a matter of fact, it is inevitable that human beings
work; and if they are deprived of work and movement, the brain becomes
beset, their intellect exhausted, and the mind becomes weak as devilish
insinuations and malicious thoughts take control of their hearts.
Evil and wicked intentions may occur to them as a result of the
depression that usually results from being jobless.
In order to be cured of this disease, the affected youths should get
involved in activities that suit them like reading, writing, trading or
any other activities that can stand between them and joblessness and
which is capable of making them sound and useful members of the
2. Estrangement between youths and elders:
This problem appears in a situation where some elders see corruption
in their youths and just stand aloof without making any effort to
correct them, having lost hope in their reform.
This problem however can be solved if elders and youths endeavor to
remove the estrangement and alienation between them. Both should bear in
mind that society - with its youths and elders - is like a single body,
and if a part of it decays, the decadence will affect the whole body.
Elders also are requested to feel the sense of responsibility towards
their youths and remove their attitude regarding the hopelessness of
youths' piety because Allaah is capable of doing everything.
For, how often a person straying afar has been guided by Allaah and
thereafter became a torch of guidance and a reformer.
Youths on their part, should hold their elders in high esteem. They
should respect their views and accept their directives because they have
achieved greater wisdom and experience than youths have achieved.
Therefore, when elders' wisdom is added to youths' energy, the society
becomes prosperous by the will of Allaah.
3. Keeping company with corrupted people:
Bad company has much psychological, mental and moral influence on the
youth. That is why the Prophet said: "is on the religion of his
intimate friend (i.e. influenced by him), so let every one of you look
critically for whom to befriend." [Ahmad and Abu Daawood]
Therefore, the youth should choose righteous, good and intelligent
persons as their companions in order to benefit from their goodness,
righteousness and intelligence. Before befriending them, they should
study their conditions and reputations. If those who are being
considered are people of noble character, upright, religious and of good
reputation, they are like objects of a long cherished wish and become
as acquired booty. They should therefore stick to them.
If, on the other hand, people of bad character, must be dealt with
cautiously, then they should be kept at a distance and not taken as
companions because of their sweet-talk and fine outward appearance.
4. Reading of destructive books, magazines, newspapers, etc:
This type of literature has the great potential to mislead one from
his religion, faith, and lead one away from excellent morality to the
abyss of degeneration which naturally leads to ‘kufr’ (disbelief).
Also, reading of this kind of literature turns the youths aside from
spiritual growth because it impedes his natural inclination to do good.
The solution to this problem is to immediately shift from reading
such literature to material that inculcate the love of Allaah and His
Prophet in one's heart and other items (tapes, tracts etc.) that help in
actualizing faith and virtuous deeds. They should patiently endure
reading or listening to such material because the soul will challenge
them in order to coerce them into paying attention to what they were
accustomed to before and will make them feel bored and irritated by
useful books and positive sources.
There are also many books that can enhance spiritual growth and
practice, such as the Quran, authentic ‘Hadeeths’, and numerous writings
of scholars (based on the Quran and ‘Hadeeth’) on the life of the
Prophet his companions and heroic figures in Islamic history.

Noor'e Sahar

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