What Is ISlam

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What Is ISlam

Post by Babba Jee on Wed Oct 17, 2007 3:15 am


In the Name of Allah, the Most Merciful,
the Most Kind May the Peace and Blessings of Allah
be upon you.

What is Islam?

is a religion that serves to guide human beings
through their lives. The message of Islam was
revealed to humans by a cumulation of all the
prophets messages over time - from Adam through
to Noah, Abraham, Moses, and continuing down the
line to Jesus onwards, and finally Mohammed (peace
be upon them all).
1,400 years ago, the angel Gabriel (pbuh)
revealed the commands of Allah through all of
these prophets to Mohammed, the last of the prophets.
These messages, preserved in the holy book of
the Quran, encompass a complete way of life which
instructs its followers to live their lives according
to Allah’s requirements. In its 114 chapters (suras)
are guidelines for humans to educate themselves
on how to live their daily lives dealing with
many human issues such as behaviour, morality,
and ethics in order to fulfill Allah’s desires
and gain from his mercy a blissful afterlife.
Life, according to Islam, is a test.
It is Allah’s test to humans to be righteous,
and to follow his commands (in the Quran) so that
on judgement day (when he resurrects the dead
and submits every individual to examination of
the good and bad deeds completed in life) we will
be allowed to enter paradise. And if we ignore
his commands in this life, we will be sent to
reside in hell. Hence the term “islam” which means
“surrender” - to Allah.
By completely surrendering our lives and
ourselves in body, mind and spirit to Allah, we
may gain an eternal paradise in the hereafter.

5 Pillars of Islam

The “pillars” of Islam are basic foundations of
being a Muslim and following Islam, Allah’s commands.
The first pillar is simply a statement and belief
of faith, while the four remainder are exercises
of that faith which are required either daily,
monthly, yearly or just once in a lifetime. These
accomplishments were made to continually and completely
fulfill one’s need for spirituality in life.

1. Testimony of Faith (Shahada)

The testimony of faith is the most vital pillar of Islam,
for without faith in Allah, his prophets, angels,
and his teachings, one is not devoted to living
his life by Islam and worshipping Allah.

ilaha il Allah, Muhammad-ur-Rasool-Allah"

has the right to be worshipped but Allah.

is the Messenger of Allah

Note that in Islam, Allah is the
focus of the faith. The religion is not centred
on Mohammed, nor Jesus, nor any of the other prophets
– they were servants of Allah who are utmost respected,
but not worshipped, for worship is only for the
creator, Allah.

Prayer (Salat)

Prayer, the direct link between
a Muslim to Allah, is to be done 5 times every
day. The believer is asked to stop whatever they
are doing in life and to give their time to Allah.
These are performed at dawn, noon, mid-afternoon,
sunset, and night.

While praying muslims face the direction
of the Kaa’ba, built by Abraham and Ishmael, and
is situated in Mecca.

has also been noted that prayers are obligatory
for all, and on Judgement Day, the first question
posed to each individual will be centred around
their duty of saying prayers.

Charity (Zakat)

Alms giving is an obligation for all muslims who are
financially able. The believer is required to
give away 2.5% of his or her accumulated earnings
to the poor and needy. The purpose of this is
to create an equal society, as well as to purify
one’s wealth, and to not become greedy and selfish
–characteristics unpleasant to Allah.

Charity is a large reward that will be noted on Judgement
Day and is important for the hereafter.

Fasting (Saum)

Fasting occurs during the
month of Ramadan. Muslims fast from sunrise to
sunset and keep their desires of food, and out
of their minds. Just like almsgiving, the purpose
of this is to also create a just society and solidatity.
By fasting, experience the mindset and pains of
those who are less fortunate and have hardly anything
to eat. Therefore we should give away what we
have to assist those in need and end the pain.
Ramadan is a month of giving charity and sharing
meals to break the fast together.As well, fsting
allows the believer to abstain from the indulgences
of the world and society. In addition to food
and drink, one abstains from bad thoughts such
as fighting or argueing, and other desires such
as sexual relations. Therefore fasting also improves
one’s behavior.

Overall, fasting encourages
self restraint and teaches one not give in to
one’s desires.

At the end of the month of
Fasting, Eid Al-Fitr begins, which is a major

Pilgrimage (Hajj)

The final pillar of Islam is the pilgrimage to Mecca, for both men and women, if one
is physically and financially capable to do so.
On the 12th month of the Islamic calendar, people
from all over the world gather at Mecca to circle the Kaaba seven times and to travel the distance
between Safa and Marwa as Hagar did in search
of water.
Then all believers come together in Arafa,
wearing simple white clothes in order to be equal
standing before Allah, and ask for his forgiveness
and mercy. Those who have completed this journey have all said
it is a complete spiritual rejuvenation – being
with all the Muslims, all submitting themselves
and their faith to Allah.

After performing Hajj, the festival Eid
Al-Adha begins.


Islam is one of the world’s
most popular faiths. And there is no reason to not
comprehend why, it is a simple and rational faith
which all human beings can follow. It is often a
misunderstood religion because of extremists and
fundamentalists who misinterpret and far-fetch the
ideas of the Quran and then claim to epitomize Islamic
belief. However these people are absolute minorities
who overshadow the real Muslims in the world who
strive for true Islam (“peace” –definition as well)
between all religions and faiths. Islam has beautiful
messages encompassed within it, and the instructions
given remain for yourself to follow.

Babba Jee

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Re: What Is ISlam

Post by Muskaan on Wed Oct 17, 2007 5:21 pm

Islam has beautiful messages encompassed within it, and the instructions given remain for yourself to follow.

Jazaak Allah Kheir



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Re: What Is ISlam

Post by Ilma on Fri Oct 19, 2007 10:18 pm

bhaut he umda sharing ki hai aap nai

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Re: What Is ISlam

Post by Rida on Tue Oct 23, 2007 11:54 pm

nice sharing baba g

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Re: What Is ISlam

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