Clock With No Hands

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Clock With No Hands

Post by Ilma on Wed Oct 24, 2007 6:00 pm

Salam Alaikum,

Clock With No Hands

A clock with no hands, we're given at birth
how we use that time, will give us our worth.
Clock keeping the time ... hands not yet clear
become oh so vivid, the end drawing near.

Childhoods' first lie, the hands start to move
someone will notice, your words to disprove.
You go thru your youth, hands stopped so it seems
from teens to adulthood, you follow new dreams.

These new found dreams , will quicken your pace
soon middle age,..... the hands start to race
Will you be worthy for family and friends
success now approaching ..... the quest never ends.

You look at those hands . they seem much more clear
deeds do fall short, now enters the fear.
'What ifs' and 'I should have' now part of your line
If you could go back and regain all that time.

But the hands now so vivid and moving so fast
there's much yet to do, before breathing your last.
You think you've done well ....... your children all grown
you look at your life..... all seeds have been sown

Now feeling so tired, you barely can walk
the hands now a blur, you now hate that clock
But dislike as you will..... with no reason , no rhyme
one day you will realize ...... you've run out of time

You've traveled thru' life, trip, stumble and fall
you've worked thru' the hard times, you gave it your all
for time is a blessing .. so few things endure
you take your last breath .. ....... the hands move no more

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Re: Clock With No Hands

Post by Dreams UnLimited on Sun Jul 11, 2010 9:59 pm

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