5 Simple Steps for Planning Ramadan Meals

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5 Simple Steps for Planning Ramadan Meals

Post by Dreams UnLimited on Thu Jul 29, 2010 10:43 pm

Salams Sisters

I wanted to share this with you all
I recieved it by email from a freind
hopefully it will help . . . .

Use these 5 Simple Steps for Planning Ramadan Meals finally spend less time in the kitchen and more time in prayer, worship and good deeds. and

1. List Family Faves: Jot down 15-30 of your familyís favorite main meals. Cross out the ones you know you wonít realistically prepare during Ramadan and keep the rest. Indicate the ones you may want to repeat during the month to make sure youíll have enough meals for 30 days to feed everyone in your family. On the side margin of each of the meals, list the main component (i.e. turkey, chicken, beef, lamb, fish, etc.) to be sure you have a good variety.
2. Grab a Calendar: Find a blank calendar you can write on. I download mine from here http://www.wincalendar.com/word-calendar-templates.htm and type my meals right into the calendar where I can later print them out. Add the name of one dish you will make for iftar to each calendar day. If you think youíll have leftovers, indicate the same meal for two days. Keep in mind, you may use some leftovers from iftar for the next morning suhoor(breakfast before beginning the dayís fast) so try to underestimate how much food will be left over so you are not left to scramble for an unplanned meal.

3. Create a Shopping List: Youíll need to see what types and how many pounds of meat and staples your recipes call for in order to do this. Calculate the number of servings youíll need to make at each meal and start crunching numbers. Although this is the most tedious aspect of the plan, itís definitely worth it in the long run.

4. Go Shopping: Buy your meat in bulk but call your butcher ahead of time. If not, you may be waiting a long time for them to cut and wrap your orders, especially if everyone else is buying in bulk for Ramadan, too. Donít forget to buy things like bread in bulk, too, since it freezes so well.
5. Put Things Away: Label and freeze your items and organize your staples. Now all you have to do throughout the month at meal time is to buy fresh vegetables and fruits. You can relax knowing that you have a plan for every day of the week and can fit cooking time into your daily schedule. No excuses for reading Qurían, ibadah(worship) and extra salahprayer)!
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Re: 5 Simple Steps for Planning Ramadan Meals

Post by Noor'e Sahar on Fri Jul 30, 2010 8:56 am

Wa Alaikum salam

Jazak Allah khair for this useful n informative thread love struck

May Allah SWT Bless You Ameen sum Ameen

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