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Consider These Ayats. Empty Consider These Ayats.

Post by Abu Fauzi on Sun Jan 13, 2013 12:46 am

Salaam everyone,
May I take a minute of your time, and request you to please consider these 3 Ayats (verses) from the Holy Qur'an:---

" ... A servant among Our Servants to whom We have brought
Mercy from Us and to whom We have given knowledge from
what is with Us".-(18:65)

So "Be mindful of God, and God will teach you".-(2:282)

"IF you are aware of God, He will give you a criterion
(Of spiritual discernment); and He will give you a Light
by which you will walk".-(57:28)

All these verses show that "if the properly prepared person persists in Zikr (remembering God Almighty) and spiritual retreat, emptying the heart from thinking, and sitting like a poor beggar who has nothing at the door-step of their Lord, then God will bestow upon them and give them some of that Knowing of Him, and those divine secrets and supernal understandings, which He granted to His servant al-Khadir".

For further reading, see the Introduction to
"Futuhat-Makkiyya", by Sidi Muhiyyiden Ibn Arabi.
Abu Fauzi
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